E-health solutions that make people happier

We make apps for real people. Apps that, just like an amulet, protect and bring happiness.

Our projects ensure that those who need care, carers, and loved ones can communicate easily and safely. We strive to create easy-to-use software for social


Our mission

Help people connect to care so they can continue to live happily at home for as long as possible.

Our e-health solutions

Simple, reliable, accessible products that matter

Informal care app

Designed for informal caregivers, family, and friends of those in need of care. A community calendar with all appointments and todo's in one place. Unique due to health connections and integrations

Webinar platform

A webinar solution with a simple interface and advanced functionalities. Both viewers and organizers need no technical experience.

Loneliness intervention

A tool that supports healthcare professionals in identifying, classifying, and finding fitting activities for their clients who suffer from loneliness.

Charity Bingo

A bingo game that can be played from home, together with everyone else. It has been used to collect money for charities such as the ALS fund and helped connect people back to society.

Community care app

A tool born from years of research and experience to connect formal and informal care.

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Max Tilli

UX & Product Lead, Co-Founder

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Wiert Omta

Tech Lead, Co-Founder

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Jeroen van Geelen

Commercial Lead, Co-Founder